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At our company, we transform your ideas into the digital reality to fulfill your business goals.  We work with our clients to design, plan and develop a solution that delights their customers.  We are committed to producing relevant high quality software solutions.

Competing with large conglomerates that have vast IT departments to automate their customer conveniences can be a serious disadvantage.   Don’t let that be a reason your prospect does not select you!  Our development professionals can create a custom solution that rivals your competitors with features, security, quality and all done economically.  Don’t be left out of the digital age.  Get your solution in place ASAP!

Scott Farrand

Scott Farrand is the founder, owner, and President of sfarrand llc. He created our company on the vision that small and medium businesses are disadvantaged in the digital age without an adequate digital presence in the marketplace. is here to help those businesses compete and be successful. Scott and his team consult, plan, develop, deploy and operate cloud, web and application solutions for their clients.

Prior to founding sfarrand llc, Scott Farrand was Vice President of Platform Software at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He and his team were focused on the HPE software business including base enablement, platform manageability, virtualization and strategic software partnerships for the x86 ProLiant and Blade businesses. Farrand’s team drove internal and external partnerships and were responsible for delivering virtualization platform support,  manageability and security value for the HPE ProLiant, Apollo, Synergy and BladeSystem platforms.

Farrand joined HPE in 2005 with the acquisition of RLX Technologies. He joined the founding team at RLX Technologies in December 2000 and was responsible for operating systems support, ServerBlade management and solutions development for scale-out applications.

Farrand formerly worked for Alta Vista Company, where he helped port the infrastructure for the search engine web software from C/C++ on an expensive compute infrastructure to many inexpensive, Linux-based, industry-standard x86 servers.

Prior to Alta Vista, Farrand was at Compaq Computer Corp. for 12 years, where he founded and developed the company’s first systems management products. He brought these products through several generational designs, including web-based solutions and porting multiple platforms.

Before joining Compaq, Farrand founded a startup software company that developed the windows terminal program.

Farrand earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois.

He holds 10 United States patents in computer systems.

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Founder, owner and President

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